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Meet The Samson Family

Leather Ornaments is a division of Samson Family Leather, LLC. It is owned by Casey & Abbie Samson. Casey is the third generation owner of the family business. Established in 1982, Samson Family Leather has a charming local shop located on the square in the heart of Lebanon, IN. This family owned company has been in business for three generations and prides themselves on creating beautiful, handcrafted leather goods from wallets and belts, to leather tankards and journals. Samson Family Leather is also the parent company of Samson Historical and Reliving History. Owners, Casey and Abbie Samson, run their business based on family values and creating quality goods and experiences. 

"As I look back, I overwhelmed with joy at the maturing of what was once known as Jack’s Jacks and The Gentle Craftsman. What began in the hands of Grandpaw has now been passed down and shaped through three generations. We would not be the business we are today without the passion for leather that was shared with me by my father and grandfather, and needless to say, we would not be the people we are today without this opportunity. We have so many people to thank for what we have achieved." - Casey Samson